Welcome to the VE3HG Blog

Welcome to my new blog about amateur radio in Canada.VE3HG

I am federally licensed “ham” radio operator located in Oakville, Ontario. I’ve been involved in ham radio since my teenage years back in the 1960s and finally got around to getting my ticket in 1980. My father Leo, got his ticket back in the early days and was first licensed as VE3FWR. A long time member of the Skywide Club in Etobicoke (which was part of Toronto) he later applied for and received the call sign VE3HG. Once my dad became a silent key (this is what hams are called once they’ve died) I applied for, and in due time, received his call sign to use as my own. I was first licensed as VE3MAS but I doubt anybody remembers that but me.

Currently I am an active member of Contest Club Ontario and I currently serve as the vice-president, public relations for Radio Amateurs of Canada.

There will be lots more added to this blog in days ahead so please drop by and see what’s new.


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