Red Cross and RAC renew agreement

A memorandum of understanding between RAC and the Canadian Red Cross Society was renewed last month and supersedes a similar agreement dating back to 1994.  The document sets out the obligations and responsibilities of RAC to provide whenever possible assistance to the Red Cross in times of disaster or emergency.

You can find the official document here:

Now speaking solely for myself (VE3HG) I can say with some authority that this is a big deal. I was a staff member of The Canadian Red Cross at both its national and Ontario offices. The Red Cross is a world-wide humanitarian organization that in many circumstances is the only one recognized as a neutral entity. Through its International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) located in Geneva, Switzerland, the organization often is the only one that can get access and supply humanitarian aid in the midst of disaster and war.

As a licensed amateur radio operator who qualifies (I’ve got to get around to this) for membership in the Quarter Century club, I know that there are occasions when the only communications available are via ham radio.

All ham radio operators in Canada should be justly proud that the Red Cross thinks so much of our abilities to supply emergency communications across town, across the country or around the world that they would affiliate with Radio Amateurs of Canada.

If you haven’t already joined, this is another sound reason to support your national ham radio organization:


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