Dayton 2009

I survived the Dayton Hamvention. It started with a 7 1/2 hour drive from Oakville (near Toronto) to Dayton Ohio. Essentially the drive is pretty easy. Drive to the Sarnia border crossing, turn left on I-75 and proceed to Dayton.

After a traditional Wednesday night dinner at a Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet, we get ready for Thursday’s Contest University. CTU is K3LR’s brainchild and it is wonderful. If you’ve ever even considered contesting, this is the place to learn. Here’s a snap of the crowd that attended.Dayton-Thursday-2009 161

Dayton-friday-2009 170After CTU it’s off for a nice dinner at a nearby Appleby’s and Friday is devoted to the Dayton forums and, of course, the mammoth flea market.

It’s been said if you can’t find it at Dayton, it doesn’t exist. That claim is not far from the truth.   BTW that’s Tim, K3LR on the left.Dayton-friday-2009 224

Saturday, which threatened rain but really didn’t, was a day to finalize purchases, (That’s VA3EC and VE3JI on the right) go to a few other forums and then back to the motel to get ready for the Contesting Dinner.

This year’s dinner was attended by over 400 contesterDayton-friday-2009 180s. It’s a great dinner and it’s the place where the new nominee for the CQ Hall of Fame is announced.

Sunday is travel day and we’re home by mid afternoon.  To see all the photos from this year’s event go to and look under in the Hobbies gallery.

Dayton-friday-2009 183