Secret or open – What’s your RAC?

Thanks to the Canadian Amateur Radio community there has been more online discussion in the last month about the future of Radio Amateurs of Canada (the national organization that represents all licensed Amateur Radio operators in Canada) than in the last decade.

Amateurs, members and non-members alike have been invited into a visioning process to set the direction for RAC. This openness hasn’t been without controversy as I suspect some club presidents might have trepidation that members of their own clubs might demand similar openness and free discussion. I urge them to be brave and engage their members in discussion about how to make RAC and how to make their own clubs more responsive to the needs of the members.

Having said that, President Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW, announced yesterday that the RAC board of seven elected (actually mostly acclaimed but whose counting) and 11 executive members will be meeting in a closed meeting to have an open and frank discussion about how we proceed from here. Does anyone else see the irony in the this decision?

In a blog posted this morning, one of RAC’s great friends, Bob, VA3QV in reply to a post by President Geoff asked the question: “Can I Attend The Meeting?”


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