This is a dig!

Don’t read this if you’re not into sour grapes but I can’t help but notice that since I left RAC and the RAC Blog has been moved within the corporate website (which needs work) all the most recent blog posting have been long self-serving screeds about how much good the executive is doing for the organization.

In the almost two years I ran the blog I could never get any contributions (but I got a lot of emailed criticism) from anybody on the executive with the exclusion of a couple of posts from the president which I gratefully posted. (And if I’ve forgotten anybody else’s post please forgive me but I can’t honestly remember anybody else sending any commentary for posting.)

Now I’ve heard from several sources that new posts and comments by them are not being published on the blog at all.

This defeats the purpose of a blog which by definition is designed to promote open communications by all members and not just to be used as a propaganda tool by the those who think they’re in charge.

Sorry about this but like burping I feel better now but the way the blog is being run sure leaves us members out of the loop.

The Flex is Back

The FlexRadio 1500 was just returned from repair (it wasn’t transmitting on some bands) and I had it on the air within an hour. So far I’ve worked DL1DXA and MM0BQN on 20 meters. These guys were running serious power and I was running 5 watts SSB. John in Scotland helped me tweak the audio which was a bit bassy with the Heil HC-5 element in the headset but it’s got to be better for ragchewing than the HC-4 which I use on my contest station and it’s annoyingly loud 🙂 which is what you want for contesting.

Anyway back to 20 meters 🙂

BTW that’s the rig (all of it) sitting under the monitor!

The New Vision

I promise I’m not going to sit back and fire hand grenades over the firewall but I do want to make certain that John Bartlett  VE1OZ/HK3OZ’s wonderful series of PDFs remains available to all who are interested in creating a new vision whether it be for Radio Amateurs of Canada or their own organizations, businesses or clubs.

Here’s the link: RAC’s Transformation

So what happened?

I resigned from my position of vice-president of public relations for Radio Amateurs of Canada on Friday. It’s a decision I regret but I don’t regret making it.

So why did I leave? What was very apparent to me was what I was doing wasn’t helpful. It wasn’t being supported and might even have been harmful to the organization. So for me, it became an issue of my own personal integrity. By the end of last week, I realized I was overly attached to outcome and something had to change.

So was anything accomplished? Oh I think so. The RAC Blog allowed hundreds of amateur radio operators in Canada and elsewhere, members and non-members alike, the opportunity to speak openly and directly about what they wanted to see in their national amateur radio association. The main desire was for RAC to become a more open and member-driven. That message came through loud and clear. How that desire gets manifest will be interesting to watch.

There were some failures: The national membership campaign was one. It went nowhere. After three months, there had very little activity. John Bartlett’s offer of facilitating a national transformational process was similarly ignored by everyone but the members. In the last few weeks I became aware how poor was RAC’s penetration into Quebec and how little had been done about that. But these are all issues that can be addressed.

Overall the reasons I left my position at RAC are personal and I won’t comment further. I do apologize for leaving so suddenly and hope someone will consider putting their name forward for the position of vice-president of public relations however until there is a change in the governance structure for RAC, I can’t in good conscious offer a name for my replacement.