This is a dig!

Don’t read this if you’re not into sour grapes but I can’t help but notice that since I left RAC and the RAC Blog has been moved within the corporate website (which needs work) all the most recent blog posting have been long self-serving screeds about how much good the executive is doing for the organization.

In the almost two years I ran the blog I could never get any contributions (but I got a lot of emailed criticism) from anybody on the executive with the exclusion of a couple of posts from the president which I gratefully posted. (And if I’ve forgotten anybody else’s post please forgive me but I can’t honestly remember anybody else sending any commentary for posting.)

Now I’ve heard from several sources that new posts and comments by them are not being published on the blog at all.

This defeats the purpose of a blog which by definition is designed to promote open communications by all members and not just to be used as a propaganda tool by the those who think they’re in charge.

Sorry about this but like burping I feel better now but the way the blog is being run sure leaves us members out of the loop.


2 thoughts on “This is a dig!

  1. Don’t feel too bad about venting, I can understand your frustration. As a member of RAC I share your frustration with the communications strategy used by RAC.

    I am also a member of the ARRL, and it is certainly interesting comparing the PR strategies used by RAC vs the ARRL. The ARRL is much more open and communicative. I regularly get information and bulletins from the ARRL about what they are doing for their membership. The bulletins from RAC are much less informative and seem to mostly comprise appointments and special event stations.

    It’s unfortunate that RAC seems to be headed down a path to less openness and transparency. I hope that they are able to check that and turn it around. I give you my thanks for trying to help… I know it can be a thankless job and one I am unwilling to do. I’ll be over here with my soldering iron.


    Sean – VA5LF

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