New rig

Well it finally arrived. My new Ten Tec R4020 QRP rig that I bought at Dayton arrived just before a Canadian mail strike and am I excited.

I compared the R4020 to my Drake R8 and the QRP rig could hear everything the Drake could hear.

Not only that but my Idiom Press memory keyer works fine (just use a mono adaptor to fool the rig into thinking it’s seeing a straight key).

The filtering is way better than no filtering and isn’t all that bad in general but I am getting my SCAR-1 audio filter out of the accessory box in the basement.

The R40/20 at $250 has got to be the best buy in Amateur Radio.

Look if I can work three guys during a contest using the Tuna Tin 2 at 300 milliwatts there’s no telling what I can do with the Ten Tec at five watts.

See you on the air 🙂 —and don’t send too fast as I’m building up my speed. (I can do 25-28 wpm in a contest when I know what’s coming but ask me a question at anything faster than 18 wpm and I’m in trouble.)

This is one small rig. It’s sort of at the “Honey I shrunk the radio” size.

One nice think is the rig operates off of a 12-volt supply or the internal battery pack (You supply 8 AA batteries.).

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About Peter West

I am retired. I'm invested into bike riding, guitar playing, yoga and Ham Radio. I am a former photojournalist, newspaper and magazine editor and public relations practitioner with national, regional and local experience. A long-time member of Toastmasters International and an active Amateur Radio (Ham) operator here in Canada I am taking on new challenges.

3 thoughts on “New rig

  1. Hi Peter !!! Nice rig !!!What were you using during WPX ??? Got ya but way down in the noise. Flex 1500 here , 167 Qs and 139 prefixes for 65,191 pts for 40 meters only …. The Flex is a OUTSTANDING contest rig !!!!!

  2. Hi,

    I just received my R4020 this week and hope to play around with it this weekend. Going to pick up a mono adapter tomorrow.

    Enjoy the new radio.
    Best Regards – Jim

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