How imagine the future

I’m listening to Don Tapscott’s ReCivilization series on CBC Radio. Don was interviewing a top guy from Google about how the Internet is changing government and organizations.

The interview concluded with both men agreeing that the Internet allows every human being on the planet the potential to communicate with every other human being. This openness is a great threat to those who would control and repress.

So it got me thinking about Amateur Radio. Right now I’m taking a break from the ARRL CW contest which is going really, really well. I have the potential to communicate with every Amateur Radio operator on the planet. Amazing.

So how do we communicators communicate with each other here in Canada? The forms we currently use such as newsletters and special reports are more akin to smoke signals than unregulated two-way sharing via the web.

It’s time for some new thinking when it comes to Amateur Radio in Canada and it can’t come soon enough for me.

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About Peter West

I am retired. I'm invested into bike riding, guitar playing, yoga and Ham Radio. I am a former photojournalist, newspaper and magazine editor and public relations practitioner with national, regional and local experience. A long-time member of Toastmasters International and an active Amateur Radio (Ham) operator here in Canada I am taking on new challenges.

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