I got a new FlexRadio

FlexRadio is a sofware defined radio (SDR) and today I got a whole new software upgrade 🙂

Even better the upgrade went flawlessly (as always) and now I’ve got some more new features and an upgraded driver. How cool is that?

The FlexRadio 1500 at $600 is THE BEST radio I’ve ever used and that includes some of the newest contesting rigs. The Flex will run on just about any decent PC and the better the PC the better the overall performance. Once I upgraded to an I7 PC with 8 gigs of RAM  and bought it built by the guys at Tiger Direct (so there’s absolutely no bloatware on it) all of my PC problems disappeared.

Now if it wasn’t for the M-class flare over the weekend, my ARRL SSB
DX experience might have been better 🙂