Electronic QSLs?

Who owns an I-Pad? I do 🙂

Got a new IPad 3 on the weekend and I love it!

Got me wondering how many hams own a smartphone or a tablet? Based on the results of a survey on QSL Watch I’m thinking we’re not attracting enough young people who do own smartphones and tablets.

Here’s what I mean. A discussion on DXWorld.net about the Intrepid-DX Group‘s plan to end processing QSL cards from their DXpeditions that come via a bureau has got a lot of hams around the world talking.

So the website QSL Watch did an online survey where the question was asked: “Is a QSL Bureau system still relevant?

So far, the results are 72% say QSL Bureaus are still relevant and only 13 per cent say eQSLs and LoftW are the way to go.

Think we’re looking at an issue that involves agism here. Could it be most people who still collect paper QSLs are older (even much older) than the eQSL and LoftW folks?

Paper QSLs are going the way of cassette recordings and CDs. (This might come as shock to some but very very soon we’re going to see online streaming at qualities that hard media can’t match.)

If you really really want a paper QSL you can print out your own from your email

BTW why doesn’t Radio Amateurs of Canada have an I-Pad application? Oh yeah they’re still working on updating the ancient web site. There’s a great pdf article on antennas from the British amateur radio magazine Radio Communications published in March, 1968.

Amazing. BTW here’s a link to the RAC QSL Bureau. See what I mean?


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