60 Meters With Special Experimenter’s License

It’s true. Industry Canada is prepared to license operators in channelized 60M operation today!

A simple email to Industry Canada reveals the band is open now to any licensed amateur radio operator who apply for a special experimenter’s license and pays a fee.

So while the band is not yet open to all licensed amateur radio operators in Canada it is open to anyone who holds a Basic + (with Honours) or the Advanced Certificate and who applies for the special experimenter’s license.

There is a cost involved with the license which is pro-rated based on the month that the applicate applies. Like all things governmental you best check yourself to determine your results 🙂

The experimenter’s license allows us to operate on 5.332, 5.348, 5.3585, 5.373 and 5.405 MHz. There are no antenna or height restrictions but we are limited to 100 watts (PEP).

We can operate on a non-interference and no-protectin basis and we may not cause interference to the fixed and mobile operations domestically or or any other administration and if we do interfere we maybe required to cease operation.

Applications may be submitted to your local district office.

BTW it is the station that is licensed. I asked about the special license for myself and my XYL VE3HEN and I only need the one license. Woohoo

It is likely that the band will be open to all qualified Canadian amateurs later this year without the need of a special license so if you wait a few months you can save yourself a few bucks.

U.S. hams have been active for the last few months. 60 meters will especially give emergency communications groups a new and effective band.

So now the next hurtle is Ontario’s Bill 118 and what we’re doing or not doing about it. Our limited exemption ends in nine months.




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