This is simple. Let’s follow the Barrie Amateur Radio Club’s example as found in their draft Strategic Plan 2012-2016 document.

ONE: Define yourself. Some executive members of RAC still think they’re running a club in the tiny community of Upper Rubber Boots (and you pick the province). This is parochial thinking of the worst kind as it excludes some hams and is preferential to others. We should ask our national organization executives to have a national view and if they don’t to please quit.

Two: Forget the Past. What’s done is done. It’s been pretty awful but it’s over or at least should be. Only forward looking statements and thinking should be coming out of RAC. This alone would point our national organization on the right path. (Changing the executive – see below – will help.)

Three: Create real value for your members and create a positive experience for every licensed amateur radio operator in Canada and every potential amateur radio operator in Canada. In other words do things that works for your members and encourages others, even compels them, to join the association.

Four: Speak of the perceived value of (a) being a ham radio operator in Canada and (b) joining Canada’s only national (so far) association of licensed amateur radio operators.

Five: Engage all members in this quest. Stop empowering the privileged few and engage everybody especially your critics (who these days are legion). Try to remember the best executives serve, they do not govern.

Six: State your mission in compelling and emotional language that engages the hearts and minds of your audience. Move towards actions and words that shock and awe rather than bore and bother.

Seven: Dream big and start a national dialogue (You’d actually have to talk to members to do this.) about where RAC is going to be in five or even 10 years.

Eight: State your core values in personal doable terms. Get your members to write this document. It’s too important to leave in the hands of the experts.

Nine: Let your members develop strategic areas of focus. Here’s where you get the involvement of the membership and the attraction of non-members.

Ten: Rotate the leadership. I’m tempted to say launch them out as most of them are as old as stale bread and thoroughly entrenched in their thinking but at the very least recruit new blood (based on the success so far, most members won’t have anything to do with running RAC in its present form) and have a plan that has the current leadership team replaced in five years. That would bring a ray of hope to some 🙂

Finally, remember the RAC top guys are going to be at Dayton so if you’ve got something to say they will be there ready to listen 🙂 Tell them what you want to see in your national association.

See everyone there. WX in Dayton looks perfect.


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