Big Sister Speaks

Margaret Henwood Tidman has posted the following on our Facebook page at Radio Amateurs of Canada:

“Inappropriate and non-ham radio related postings will be deleted and members permanently banned.”

Ms Tidman, whose name doesn’t appear on the Radio Amateurs of Canada’s executive listings page, made this post on our association’s Facebook page just over 30 minutes ago and I for one have some questions:

What constitutes “inappropriate”?

What’s not “ham-related”?

Who decides who gets deleted?

And who has the authority to “permanently” ban paying members from their Facebook page?

And finally Margaret by what authority do you make these statements?

Unless I’ve totally misunderstood the Facebook post then this is another blatant example of how our current executive group totally mishandles member-related issues.

Simply appalling!

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About Peter West

I am retired. I'm invested into bike riding, guitar playing, yoga and Ham Radio. I am a former photojournalist, newspaper and magazine editor and public relations practitioner with national, regional and local experience. A long-time member of Toastmasters International and an active Amateur Radio (Ham) operator here in Canada I am taking on new challenges.

4 thoughts on “Big Sister Speaks

  1. I agree. It’s totally out of line and patently unacceptable for any organisation, especially one of national scope, to make such a threatening and unfriendly statement. The words “incredible” and “downright stupid” might also be added as modifiers.

    While there certainly could be incidents serious enough to warrant banishment to the desert, such as profanity, libel or slander, a blanket policy such as you describe is downright scarey.

    My advise to Ms Tidman is, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Shut down the FB page. This is NO way to run a public forum (it IS a forum, is it not?) supposedly existing for the betterment of Amateur Radio and the radio amateurs in general, as well as to promote the RAC.


  2. Hey, you Guys, that’s pretty strong language. Could be classified as non-ham radio. If the “little lady” reads your posts here, she might get upset and ban you from FB. You have been warned…
    72, Paul.

  3. Dear Brain Dead Old Farts (BDOF)

    Margaret is a well respected, young, female amateur in Ottawa, who is involved in local club, emergency and public service activity, who has also volunteered significant time to assist the National organization. Do you dislike her for being young, female or because she is doing something.

    I am disgusted by your attitude and belief that you can trash anyone so long as you link it to RAC. You owe Margaret a written apology.

    Gentleman it’s time you looked in the mirror and start your corrective actions at home.

    Peter – VE3BQP

    • Guilty as charged as usual and Peter I did apologize to Margaret (several times) and your defence of the lady is admirable if not a little out of date as Margaret seems quite capable of defending herself but women speaking up for themselves can be a new concept for some. As for her being young, female and doing something I wonder why this would be an issue for you but please note these are none of my issues.

      I’ve met Margaret personally and I have nothing against Margaret and support her efforts to moderate our association’s Facebook page fully. My objection was in the manner of the post. It could have benefitted from some explanatory preamble. Such is the nature of the Internet and digital communications.

      I see you have a story in your head that disgusts you as you imagine what my attitudes and beliefs might be when it comes to RAC. Your stories don’t ring true for me (and I’d highly recommend a reading of Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” or Byron Katie’s “Loving What Is” for insight into how this plays out for you). It’s you’re choice whether or not you want to go through life being disgusted. I wouldn’t want to but it’s your life.

      Finally Peter I look into the mirror every morning and I’m very pleased with what I see which is someone who is passionately in love with our amazing hobby (and has been for 50 years now) and who seems to hold infinite hope that our national association can grow into the sort of organization that represents every ham in Canada and not just a selected few. I look forward to the day when real leadership emerges and has the courage to examine the things which we can change to realize RAC’s potential.

      Peter it’s not RAC that I have an issue with. It’s the lack of real leadership which today IMHO masks itself in the cloak of administration and management and that’s not leadership. Why do you think membership is plummeting and nobody volunteers for positions like national treasurer? Members need leaders to follow. Administrators and managers aren’t leaders. Leaders are few and far between.

      Peter I am just the canary in the cage at the bottom of the mine shaft. When I stop tweeting, then we’re all dead and gone and there won’t be a RAC. And maybe that’s the way we have to go to create a national association worthy of the title. In the meantime our efforts to attract new hams into the hobby suffer. Our ability to represent all ham-related issues to Industry Canada, the federal government and international radio organizations suffers. Our ability to work together in public service work (and here I speak of ARES which is fragmenting in Ontario and is in danger of becoming completely irrelevant on a national basis) suffers. Concern has grown so deep within some clubs and Canadian Ham Radio groups including ARES that there’s been open talk about how to continue after the demise of RAC.

      Peter there is so much we can do together to fix the things that are killing RAC but in the meantime I appreciate your concern over the lady’s well-being.

      And, I remain respectfully your Brain-Dead Old Fart.

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