I was in Washington D.C. on vacation last week when the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was attacked on Sept. 11.

Aside from the hype on U.S. talk TV you’d be hard pressed to determine that anything out of the ordinary had happened. American flags were at half mast and visits to the White House were curtailed. It was said security was heightened but I didn’t see any evidence of it which is likely the way security officials would want it to happen. Washington D.C. is a working city and under attack it got down to work.

So today, we learn that one of the four men killed in the attack on the Consulate was 34-year-old Sean Smith, KG4WSS.

You can read the ARRL’s article on Smith here.

Smith’s death has me thinking there is so much more to life and to ham radio than what we experience here in Canada. In particular, the Canadian experience has been one of failed opportunities, lack of vision and paltry, even petty leadership and I will speak (or write) of it no more.

We will talk of other things: the happy and the tragically sad and we will rejoice in the world-wide fellowship we know as Amateur Radio. It is the least I can do.