RAC’s Mission

So what is RAC’s commitment to “the mission”?

Better yet, what is the mission?

Is the mission to grow the Amateur Radio hobby in Canada? Is it to expand the ranks of active, licensed Amateur Radio operators in Canada (and BTW my Canada includes Quebec)?

Is the mission to find ways of re-engaging with our national regulator Industry Canada and the political leadership of the day at the local, provincial and national levels?

Is the mission to represent the members’s interests on the international scene? (And do we really need to expend funds to send individuals on junkets to these international meetings?)

Is the mission to provide meaningful opportunities for those who enjoy the public service aspect of our hobby and create opportunities to come together to work with each other (and not just take orders from some grand leader implementing a master plan) to serve the greater public good?

Is the mission to grow the association itself? Aside from working on increasing the overall membership, should the mission not include the training and development of a continuously changing executive team?

Are there not secondary services that should be part of the overall mission? I’m thinking things like eliminating the old expensive paper QSL bureau and introducing an electronic bureau like the ARRL’s LOTW or CQ Magazine’s E-QSL. How about killing the paper edition of The Canadian Amateur magazine in favour of a modern electronic version?

If any of this sounds reasonable and appealing, then why are we dealing with the issues that have been popping up over and over again?

And perhaps, more important, what should we do about it?


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