What Makes For Great Leadership

I’m reading the tributes written in the morning newspapers about Margaret Thatcher who died yesterday.

John O’Sullivan, editor-at-large of the National Review and a former special advisor to Mrs. Thatcher wrote the following (and I am quoting and paraphrasing here):

Mrs. Thatcher liked people who stood up to her.

As with all her actions she gritted away until she learned how to win.

Almost everyone who worked for her, loved her.

She kicked up and kissed down (and O’Sullivan used the example that when a serving person dropped a bowl of soup into the lap of the foreign secretary it was Thatcher who jumped up to comfort the girl.)

She felt that the higher you were, the greater your obligation to serve those around you.

She pushed her programs with tireless effort and as a result her ideas became reforms rather than press releases.

She recruited those who were the most intellectually capable and adventurous. She got ideas and advice from outside the “old boys” network.

Would that Amateur Radio in Canada could be so blessed with such leadership.

BTW remember the Falklands War? Here’s the Amateur Radio connection.



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