Doing What’s Needed To Be Done

As a former journalist and editor I am revealing in the writings of journalists and columnists over the death of Margaret Thatcher. What is it about the death of a titan that brings out such rousing rhetoric?

Part of the attraction no doubt is to the paucity of leadership that countries (North Korea comes to mind as does Syria) suffer or the same scarcity of vision that affects our political leaders and leaders of every stripe.

Writing in The New York Times, David Brooks says of Thatcher:

She witnessed a moral shift in those years, away from people who were competitive and toward toward people who were co-operative, away from the ambitious and toward those who were self-nurturing and self-exploring, away from the culture of rectitude and toward the culture of narcissism.

And George Jonas writing in The National Post said:

She did what others pay lip service to: selected what was hard and right over what was easy and wrong.

…she stood for the proposition that small truths honestly faced, small virtues consistently and faithfully applied, small sums consistently paid and collected when due, added up to good governance.

These are thoughts that some in our hobby might take to heart and in doing so step down so greater men and women can take their place and get on with the work that confronts us.


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