Dayton 2013

Have returned from the Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio and now need a few more days to shake the cold that’s followed me for a month now.DSCF1062 copy

Both Marion and I are still ill but we’re getting better and may yet avoid a trip to emergency ward at the local hospital. I’ve had a raging sore throat with major pains in my chest. Suspect either pneumonia or I’ve injured the right lung or bronchial tube. Nothing that some Advil and bed rest can’t fix.

Anyway Dayton was, despite feeling like death, a great deal of fun. Rain on Saturday didn’t both me as I did most of my shopping on Friday and went to several forums on Saturday. As the rain came early, it discouraged a lot of locals from attending and we didn’t see the huge swell of people taking shelter in the buildings which was nice.

(In photo: On Friday afternoon a bunch of the guys pickout Blue Grass melodies.)

DSCF1064 copy

Won a RigExpert AA-230 from Array Solutions supplied by Yuri, VE3DZ who is always very generous when it comes to prizes for the big Saturday night contesting dinner.

The RigExpert antenna analyzers are used by commercial clients and while not as inexpensive as some ham radio level analyzers are way more sophisticated while remaining really simple to use. Highly recommended.

Bought a Bengali Simplex Pro set of paddles which are proudly sitting on my operating Simplex_Pro-1table and a D-Star Icom IC-31A which is sitting next to the main computer. D-Star is amazing but it’s not simple. Really pleased Rod, VE3RHF and myself did the D-Star forum on Friday morning and took in the D-Star event on Friday night.

D-Star is a complex and complicated system to setup but it is likely the way of the future. Once you know what you’re doing it’s fine but getting there takes some work.DSCF1128 copy

Also bought a Bengali Simplex Pro set of paddles plus a QRP transmatch that matches my Sudden QRP transmitter and receiver kits.

All in all a wonderful time filled with good fellowship and tons of new information. (That’s Todd and Rod at the contesting forum.)