D-Star Programming

Thanks to the nice folks at RT Systems my Windows cloning software DVD arrived for the Icom ID-880.id-880h_main

Using a really neat built-in D-Star calculator I downloaded a bunch of Canadian D-Star repeaters and D-Star reflectors into a database on my PC which, thanks to a proprietary USB cable, loaded into my ID-880.

Okay so this is cool. I’m now on D-Star. sort of, from the mobile.

At least I think I am. There’s still work to do so I went to the RT Systems’s site to checkout what help might be available and I found a 250-page PDF help guide. This is terrific and RT Systems (a husband and wife team out of the USA) should be thanked.

I’m pretty sure in a couple of weeks I am going to be a D-Star expert but right now everyday brings new challenges and thankfully new information.

D-Star is definitely not plug and play so be forewarned but if you you’re willing to read the manuals (Horrors!), do some exploring and don’t hesitate to ask for help (thanks to John VA3BL and Rod VE3RHF) you too can be on D-Star!

Considering my IC-208 (the dedicated FM-only predecessor to the ID-880) only had two channels programmed into it (Oakville VHF and UHF) I can’t lose once I figure out how to program my tone squelch in the new radio.

Oh well back to the manual!


One thought on “D-Star Programming

  1. Hello Peter;
    I am trying to get my head around programming D-Star on my IC-2820. Could you point me to the 250 page PDF on the RT site? I had a look around, but couldn’t find it. I am a relatively new amateur operator and want to get into D-Star.

    Thanks in advance, and 73
    Gord – VA3TWT

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