RAC And The Muslim Brotherhood

Okay now Peter, you’ve gone too far.

No. Honestly think about it and I have no wish to insult Muslims (I know lots of Muslims. Love Ramadan. Some of my best friends are…etc.)w-tahrir-square-cairo-now-j

Now lets figure this out.

In Egypt a duly elected government gets tossed by a powerful force (the Egyptian military) after the government (upheld by the Muslim Brotherhood) starts to govern in a manner that serves the Brotherhood and not the people in general.

So how does that compare to Radio Amateurs of Canada?

Well you don’t have to look too far to find former RAC executives (and perhaps even some former directors) who quit or were summarily dismissed (dismissed without trial or due process) and who are some pissed off about it.

Try and find answers to some simple questions (How many members? What has the process been for awarding contracts? What’s the true story of our finances? Whatever happened to the former regulatory affairs officer never mind at least one former president.) and you discover no transparency or forthcomingness from the RAC Brotherhood. This is not helpful or good.

I have a story about all this came about at RAC.

We (like the people of Egypt) mistakenly elected a bunch of guys (And it’s all men who make any of the decisions of any consequence at RAC. Why do you think the ARRL has a woman running the show? Just saying.) who may well have been terrific guys at running public companies, private enterprise or government.

Guys who run big organizations often run them without a lot of input from others (and thus the formation of unions) and can be pretty dictatorial (or poor communicators like Steve Jobs) and they need to be like this if they want to succeed.

But gee do you really think guys like this are ready to run an open, progressive and communicative association with a mandate to represent all Hams in Canada (and not just paid members)?

Now that’s not to say some of the guys aren’t trying really hard to make substantive changes to RAC but since we haven’t heard anything directly from the directors in a long. long time, who knows?

I suspect the directors have been told not to make any grand public statements.

Maybe you should contact your local director and ask him what he’s doing to improve the situation at Radio Amateurs of Canada and the state of Amateur Radio in Canada in general? You can find their names and contact info in The Canadian Amateur magazine or online on our poor beat up old website.

If they can’t come up with a satisfactory answer, maybe it’s time they stepped down voluntarily?

It’s either that or as the Muslin Brotherhood found out, those big crowds in Tahir Square aren’t there for a party.


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