D-Star QSO Party

Thanks to a D-Star conversation on REF001C this afternoon with Bill, VE3MEW, I learned that the annual D-Star contest is coming up in a could of weeks.

So get ready! The D-Star QSO Party is coming to the D-Star world from September 20 to 22 from Friday at 00:00 to Sunday 24:00 UTC.HomeDtl02

The goal of the contest is to communicate through as many D-Star repeaters as possible throughout the world.

Here’s the kicker: All operators who submit an approved log will be eligible for a draw prize draw. Ten winners will be randomly selected to win a prize. The more D-Star QSOs, the more chances there are to win (up to a maximum of four draw tickets).

To qualify for the draw you must make at least one contact through one repeater in your own country. If I read this correctly it means you’ve got to be in range of a D-Star repeater or, and I’m guessing here, you’ve got to point your DVAP or Dongle at a local D-Star repeater in order to qualify.product_photo

The weird thing about a D-Star contest is either the signal is 5X9 or it isn’t there at all so all reports will be 59 and the year you first started operating D-Star.

Honestly I think this will be a hoot and it will give me a break from the CQ WW SSB test.


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