I’m Big In Japan

To misquote a Tom Waits’ song I was big in Japan tonight.

After talking to Harry, VA3EC, at the weekly 6:30 am Saturday breakfast meeting, who had the same lag issue with the FlexKnob on his Flex 3000 (which goes away when the spur control is initiated. Weird!) I got my FlexKnob working this morning.

So if the FlexKnob was working maybe my issues weren’t with the ports or latency in the FireWire setup after all.

Based on that I reinvestigated with new enthusiasm my RTTY setup which with Writelog running MMTTY as the coding/decoding engine connected to the SDR software through virtual port pairs and a virtual audio cable is a nightmare to figure out.

Guess what? I got it running (and promptly wrote down the setup for future reference) just in time to join the fun in the JARTS (Japanese Amateur Radio Teleprinter Society) Contest. This is a very popular 48-hour RTTY contest with tons of Japanese stations (even heard a station out of South Korea) coming in a dusk on 15 meters.

Here’s the proof:



One thought on “I’m Big In Japan

  1. It’s not very often that Tom Waits and Ham Radio intersect; although I think “What’s he building in it there?” could be our anthem. Always nice to find another fan!
    73 de VE4SIG

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