RAC Is Looking UP

imagesLooks like the old stale RAC has got some new thinking emerging at long last.

Case in point RAC now has a Twitter account @RACTWEETS! Plus the RAC Facebook site is really active.

If you’re active on social media you’ll know the power of Twitter (people launch revolutions with it among other things) and Facebook (over a billion users and growing) to keep members informed and involved in the decision-making process of their organization.

Talking about decision-making our Ontario South Director Rod, VE3RHF, moved a motion at the RAC Board meeting which was passed to publish the minutes of board meetings prior to their formal acceptance at the next board meeting which could be two months down the road.

This means we, the members, can see what was discussed at a board meeting shortly after the meeting via draft (in other words not yet accepted by the board) minutes of the meeting. (Even my Toastmaster club does this as the secretary emails out of draft set of minutes immediately after each meeting and the chair of the next meeting asks for errors or omissions before formally accepting the minutes as is or as corrected. Pretty simple stuff but RAC has never been doing this being more secretive that the Kremlin.)

With sole exceptions of personnel matters involving paid staff (who have professional reputations to maintain) and financial issues (where disclosure of specific information could be detrimental to the organization) there is nothing the board members or executive members discuss which should be consider private and privileged in a non-profit, member-supported hobby organization.

The way we’ve been doing things for the last number of years was both unhelpful, even distractive and caused some of us to be highly suspicious of the motives behind this behaviour.

Mostly I put it down to board and executive members being ignorant of how to conduct themselves as leaders of a transparent and public group. Sure mistakes have been made over the years but attempts to hide or minimize the situations made them worse.

I’m thinking specifically in how past RAC boards have mishandled the appointments and dismissals of volunteers. IMHO it’s been simply appalling and inept. Having said that, I am hopeful based on some of what we’re reporting above, that the current board and executive are starting to show some understanding of their role and the concerns of their members.

I think we should thank Southern Ontario Director Rod, VE3RHF, for his work and I encourage you to read his blog posting on his personal blog (because RAC hasn’t figured out blogging yet) the Canadian Radio Research Lab (CRRL – that should create some visceral reaction from some).

And while I am at it, let’s thank Vincent, VA3GX/VE2HHH, RAC’s new director of communications and fundraising for his initiatives.

I am not privy to any information but that’s never stopped me before.

It appears that with Vincent’s recent arrival there is new energy to revamp the awful and creaky current RAC website. Vincent’s saying we’re going to have a better, newer, friendly (I am tempted to comment!) platform to benefit all members, Amateur Radio operators and the general public.

Good heavens might we have accidentally attracted someone who understands the basics of public relations? All members and AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC? Oh glory be!!!!!

Plus Vincent is likely behind the Twitter account and the promotion of the Facebook page.

This is momentous change in thinking if I’m reading the tea leaves correctly.

Finally (and only because I have been such a rabid critic of RAC in the past) I want to point out Vincent’s promotion in the February 2014 RAC Report of the Maple Leaf Legacy Circle. Read more about how you can help RAC by leaving a legacy gift in your will (You do have a will don’t you Sparky?).

I’ve got to stop. I think I’m starting to tear up 🙂


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