Distracted Driving Fines Double

The fine for distracted driving in Ontario is going from roughly $150 to $275 in a couple of days.Security-guard-talking-via-walkie-talkie-device-via-Shutterstock-615x345

Since Amateur Radio operation is exempt, this might be a wonderful opportunity for our Ontario directors plus our new unelected director of communications and fund-raising (How do we get an unelected salaried director? What is this a French-language thing? If so, it sure doesn’t serve the rest of us when it comes to clarity.) to send an email to the major police services in Ontario plus the Ontario solicitor general (who is responsible for policing) and the association of Ontario chiefs of police or whatever they are calling themselves reminding them that Ham Radio operation is exempt.

Cops don’t like the fact we’re exempt as it’s really tough to tell the difference between a driver holding a cellphone in their hand and a radio operator speaking into a microphone. To the cop in motion, both look like cell phones being held in a hand.

BTW guys attach the regulation which is available online but hyperlink it in the text to avoid spam filters.



4 thoughts on “Distracted Driving Fines Double

  1. If you are caught yakking away on the 2 meter talk-back when in motion, you deserve the consequences.

    Play it safe. Go CW when in motion. Your lips won’t move.

    72, ve3zt

  2. Thanks for the Reminder.

    Can you please post a link to the Amateur Exemption?

    De VE3XQQ

    Frank…. AKA VE7XQQ, VE2XQQ

    If it ain’t broke … open it up and find out why!

    Sent form my portable computational apparatus.

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