When You Care To Send The Very Least

My new CRK-10A 3-watt QRP 40-meter transceiver arrived in the mail today. And I do mean literally in a mail envelope to the door 10 days from QRVTronics.com in Idaho.10491120_10152204299611169_4876216711074622905_n

In the photo it’s the little box sitting on top of the autotuner next to the Flex 1500 with the wires for headphones and paddles plugged into it.

I bought the assembled version (for an extra $15 or so) for a grand total of $86.10 including mailing.

So what kind of rig is it?

Well it doesn’t have a volume control or a VFO! HI. It does have a keyer built-in and as I’m xtal controlled on 7030 kHz I can hear a bunch of guys sending CQ all around me. Even had a guy send me a ? but I didn’t have the keyer speed set right to reply.

You’ll notice I do have the rig sitting on top of an LDG Z-11 Pro autotuner as the rig likes to see 50 Ohms for full output. My extended 40-meter dipole on the Hy-Gain Explorer seems to be the rig’s favourite antenna. The end-fed sloper causes the rig to dial up a nearby religious broadcaster as does my Alpha-Delta shortened dipole.

I’m comparing the receiver to the Drake R8 and it would seem the little rig hears just about everything the Drake hears and the bandwidth is a soft 600 Hz or so which isn’t necessarily so bad when it comes to QRP. The receiver is direct conversion and there is a two-pole crystal filter and an audio filter which helps. Anybody who is a Kc away on either side can’t be heard and anybody on frequency sounds pretty good.

Because this is a direct conversion rig there is a curious CFW button which helps identify which sideband you’re listening to. If the sound of the CW note goes high when you push the button it’s likely you’re listening to the wrong sideband and since you’re crystal control there’s not much you can do about it.

Anyway hope to hear you on 7030 some night.


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About Peter West

I am retired. I'm invested into bike riding, guitar playing, yoga and Ham Radio. I am a former photojournalist, newspaper and magazine editor and public relations practitioner with national, regional and local experience. A long-time member of Toastmasters International and an active Amateur Radio (Ham) operator here in Canada I am taking on new challenges.

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