CCO 2014 AGM and BBQ


Well over 100 of the best contesters in Canada attended Contest Club Ontario’s annual general meeting and BBQ at the world-class contest station of John VE3EJ.CCO-1-37

A gathering of some of the most active and IMHO interesting Hams in Ontario (and a few from elsewhere including a YL from SP-land) enjoyed the annual meet and greet.

Donated prizes for the annual fund-raising draw were spectacular with everything from a Peet Bros. weather station to a bunch (9) gift certificates from RigExpert thanks to Yuri, DZ. There were lots of other donations which were announced to club members via the club’s email reflector.

If you’re into contesting, even in a small way, you’ve got to join CCO. The club supports many plaques and award in some of the big contests as well as the ever popular Ontario QSO Party events.

The club’s own sCOOre awards and endorsements for achievement were a highlight of the event and thanks CCO for my 10 million point endorsement. Not all of those points were raised by QRP contesting contacts but I’d say a majority sure were. Inspires me to QRP contest even more this year.CCO-1-56

Photos from the event are available for viewing at my Flickr gallery.

I was lucky enough to be awarded by endorsement by my mentor and friend Tony, VE3RZ (left in photo).This is the guy who moved to the high ground on Guelph Line so he could work the DX I can’t even hear on the lowlands on the north shore of Lake Ontario. That’s Paul, PC, in the background who is another one of the Corbeil Contest Club gang down from North Bay.