Field Day 2014 Results

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We came in fourth or maybe third in all Canada in our category of 2A out of 393 entries.


In the QST listings VE7SAR and VA7SAR were two above above us with both having identical scores.

That seems wrong to my eye and if so, we came third in Canada and 38th overall.

We actually scored more QSOs (1597) but lost on points (6,1o8).

The VE7 scores were 1541 Qs but they got more points 6,256.

The winning Canadian team VE1FO scored 1997 Qs and 7,218 points.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo what can we do better in 2014?

First off we’ve got to do a better job at getting the bonus points up. That was my job last year and I could have done a better job.

Can we win first in Canada?We’d need to work 400 more Qs and score 1,110 more points.

I’m not…

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