Ham Radio For Newcomers

I had hoped to give a presentation to a bunch of university students in Toronto. The date was arranged after I was approached by a delightful young woman at the Maker Fair held in Toronto this summer who said she was really, really interested in Amateur Radio.IMG_0567

It’s not everyday that somebody under the age of 25 who (a) appears normal; (b) isn’t dressed in dungarees (not that there’s anything wrong with wearing coveralls); and (c) is a woman of any age but especially one 1/3 my age expresses an interest in Ham Radio. (That’s Rod and his daughter Emma staffing the booth.)

I was thrilled to meet her. It was like running into ET for me 🙂 I couldn’t believe she was real.

Anyway she asked if I’d be willing to speak to her group of students who were also interested in Ham Radio and despite the group being in Toronto and me in Oakville I said yes right away. After all it’s not everyday we get a chance to promote the hobby.QST_Cover_August_2015_TILTED

So today i regret to say that I just got an email from my young friend and she has had to cancel the talk as the administrators at her school have cut her funding (which I bet was pretty minimal to begin with) and there’d be no talk.

Okay no talk but heck we’re all Hams here and we communicate, as the ARRL says: “When All Else Fails” so here’s the talk.


HamRadio – Here’s the original keynote.

Please feel free to use these slides or PDF at your club or group.

And Katherine, if you’ve not already got your license (my wife has hers…that’s her in the photo)) go study and pass the exam.

There’s a world of great fun, fellowship and learning that needs more Katherines 🙂 I hope to work you on the air someday soon.

73 (best regards) and 88 (love and kisses) from all of us at the Oakville Amateur Radio Club.