The Wake-Up Call

I haven’t felt much motivation to write here or on any of my other blogs (Peter West Photo, Peter West Public Relations, Toastmasters, Yoga, Coaching, VE3HB) what with the holidays and contests and general busyness.

So as I nurse a very sore shoulder injured in a fall down the stairs (I’m okay but I’m considering giving up my house cleaning chores) and waiting for four video renderings to upload to a private DropBox folder for my Toastmaster club (First Oakville Toastmasters) where we record the three speeches of the night and the subsequent evaluations, my eye was caught by a headline in this morning’s Globe and Mail.3465

The article was subtitled “Disaster Preparedness” and the main headline read: “Victoria earthquake an urgent wake-up call.” Here Benjamin Perrin, a law professor at U of BC and a former public safety adviser for the PMO wrote that when, not if, B.C. gets hit with a bigger earthquake than the 4.7 magnitude Christmas quake, the results will likely be overwhelming and deadly.

Perrin suggests that the poor state of schools and hospitals in the area will likely cause those buildings to collapse in the face of a magnitude 9 or greater quake snuffing out the lives of school children and hospital patients and staff.

Of course, Perrrin is saying something should be done and he’s right.

Here in Canada we get lulled into a sense of “it-can’t-happen-here” thinking right up to the time it does happen here. I’m thinking of the Quebec ice-storm and Barrie, Ontario tornado. Both were unexpected and deadly.

With our national organization thankfully on death’s door when it comes to growth let alone the ability to plan for any future perhaps it’s time for those who care about emergency preparedness to start to reorganize on a national basis?