ZN-QRP Paddles

Thanks to Tony Baleno N3ZN  I won one of the grand prizes at the QRP-ARCI dinner which is part of Four Days In May which in turn is part of Hamvention held in Ohio.0000972_zn_qrp

The ZN-QRP paddles are a CW operator’s dream. They’re small (almost tiny), robust, with a light touch and attached to a very heavy base (so they don’t move as you use them).

I’ll do a proper review and compare them to my Bengali and March paddles (which are roughly equal in cost and quality) and put the post up on E-Ham Reviews.

Many thanks to Tony N3ZN for supporting the QRP-ARCI event.

Dayton Review

I’ve got video and stills from my new GoPro camera to process but for now let me say that Hamvention 2017 held at the new site of the Greene County Fair Grounds was a huge success.

Ticket sales suggest as many as 30,000 Hams attended and despite scattered rain and thunder, I think we all had a great time.

Free transport in and out of the site from the remote parking areas worked perfectly. The  newer buildings compared to the old Hara site were super and air conditioned!

The flea market was muddy thanks to the rain but its what it is. Bring boots next year.