Rebuilding VE3HG Contest Station

It’s been over a year now since the VE3HG contest station in Oakville disappeared under the wreaker’s hammer when my wife Marion (VE3HEN in photo) and I started the process of building a new home and a new contest station here in Oakville Ontario.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For the last year we lived in a small un air-conditioned two-bedroom apartment in Burlington, Ontario where we faced Lake Ontario and witnessed amazing sunrises almost daily.

But now with construction finished, we’re so happy to be in our new home. Since we back onto 14-Mile Creek it took us two years to get permits to build.

But now the work on our new contest station begins. And it began in a big way with a new FlexRadio 6600 replacing my old trusty FlexRadio 3000. What a radio the 6600 is for contesting. I got on with a very poorly erected 40-meter Windom I threw up in a tree during -5 degree C weather. I didn’t think the darn think would even load at 25′ up and the ends no higher than about 5′ off the ground.

Normally a new radio takes sometime to get used to but with my Flex 3000 experience it took about 15 minutes (and most of that dedicated to figuring out my own home network) and I was on the air and working into Europe.


Once the snow stops it will be time to start the needed antenna work including replacing the 50′ tower that collapsed under mysterious circumstances when we were living in Burlington.

The new station might get a modest 500-watt amplifier despite the fact I like to think of myself as a QRP contester but during these days of zero sunspots contesting is a lot more fun when somebody can actually hear you.

I am making my “:wish” list for the annual trek to Dayton for the 2019 Hamvention.



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