About VE3HG

This is my personal amateur radio blog site. I was the original moderator of the Radio Amateurs of Canada’s blog site at http://www.racblog.wordpress.com and the blog site for the Oakville Amateur Radio Club http://ve3hb.wordpress.com

I was first licensed in 1980 as VE3MAS but I had been interested and active (thanks to my dad’s station VE3HG) in amateur radio since the late 1960s.

Today I operate a modestly competitive QRP amateur radio contest station in Oakville, Ontario.

You can reach me by email at ve3hg at arrl.net

2 thoughts on “About VE3HG

  1. Hello Peter, I just recieved the First License Issued in Canada for the new developmental 60 meter 5 meg band VX9GHD.. I have been waiting for 3 years for this new band to open to amateurs who apply to Industry Canada. Later this year you will be able to go back to your original call once the trial period is over.. What puzzles me is RAC new about this but never said anything about, it. I asked Rac recently and they said oh well maybe in September. When I call Industry Canada they told me Rac knows about and go ahead and apply. So last night I got on and made 17 contacs througout the eastern parts of the states, The Us amateurs were glad to have another country, Over the next few weeks more amateurs will be licensed and the band will take off,. This is what we need for emergency coms when 40- and 80 meters will not work out.

    73s Russ VX9GHD/ VE3FI

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