Contest Club Ontario Winter Luncheon

Bob, VE3KZ, DX Hall of Fame Recipient

The Contest Club Ontario’s annual winter luncheon took place on Saturday (Feb. 2) at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Oakville, Ontario with around 30 of Canada’s best contesters in attendance.

There were two presentations. Igor, VE3ZF, did a great show all about one-man contesting in Zone 2 (in challenging circumstances and weather) and yours truly (Peter – VE3HG) did a presentation on SDR Contesting with a little QRP thrown in for good measure.

The highlight of the annual luncheon was the induction of Bob, VE3KZ (he’s the very happy guy holding the plaque in the photo (above) with his wife and son present) into the Radio Amateurs of Canada’s DX Hall of Fame.

Bob has been an active ham for 60 years and has been at the forefront of DXing and contesting for all of that time. Bob has been a mentor to many and an inspiration to all and all of his many friends at Contest Club Ontario were delighted to be present for the presentation.

As always we had a great time meeting new and old friends, swapping stories and making plans for future contests. (There’s a big contest every weekend from now on in Feb.)

I had the honour to present a short workshop on software-defined radio and how these new rigs play in the contesting world plus I added a little about QRP contesting with SDR.

Here’s a link to the PowerPoint I gave at the CCO luncheon.  CCO